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We currently have four books in our childrens series, the newly released Resolving Bereavement, Resolving Bullying, Resolving Anger and Resolving Sibling Rivalry. The books are simple straightforward, but very clever tools. They work to help children realise how the characters in the books reflect their own situation. They explain why they are in the situation and help then in working out ways of resolving the problems, normally with the guidance of their parents, teachers, guardians, counsellors and friends. The books also have a very useful toolbox section to help the child/children understand, practice and express their problem and themselves.

We are currently working on our next book "Resolving Separation & Divorce issues with your child" which will be released at the end of the summer 2011.

bullying book for children

The Resolving Bullying Book
This book looks at bullying as a relational issue and puts forward ideas and strategies for the individuals themselves to use.


sibling rivalry book for children

The Resolving Sibling Rivalry Book
This book demonstrates strategies that families can use to turn sibling squabbles into healthy sibling negotiations...


anger book for children

The Resolving Anger Book
This book shows how anger happens and helps readers understand how it affects the mind.


 bereavement book for children

The Resolving Bereavement Book
NEW! This book helps children to deal with the acute loss and strong emotions that result from the death of a loved one.


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“This book deals authoritatively with both the emotional and the practical difficulties associated with separation and divorce.”

Brendan Donaghy, editor of Mediation Digest

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